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PA Divorce Attorneys

PA Divorce Attorneys

Cases involving divorce, support and child custody can take an emotional toll on families.  Not only are these cases emotional for everyone, but they also have significant financial impacts for the parties.  If one party, or the other, uses the legal system to punish their respective spouse, this type of strategy usually causes needless litigation costs.  Other times, protracted litigation is unavoidable.

The Trichilo Law Firm, LLC, strives to identify each client’s goals to be achieved in any family law case.

The Trichilo Law Firm, LLC, family law attorneys strive to identify each client’s goals to be achieved in any family law case.  Careful consideration must be made of the goals, and the potential costs.  Some people may want a quick divorce.  In other cases, there may be significant questions about marital assets, child custody and other important matters.  We strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients in every case.

If you have questions regarding divorce, support, child custody, marital property or protection from abuse, call the Trichilo Law Firm, LLC, to schedule a free, initial consultation.  We will discuss your goals, and the potential costs of achieving those goals.  Every case is unique.  Therefore, we use strategies specific to your needs and goals.  Call our PA divorce attorneys today at (570) 703-0682 to schedule a consultation.